Are you ready for the adventures of a diverse region?

We welcome you to the Bodø region - traditionally called Salten. The nine municipalities of the region offer a great number of attractions and adventures - summer and winter. Welcome to the good life of great variety: Caving, citylife, national parks, fishing - you name it!





The worlds strongest malstream, Saltstraumen is an eldorado for fishing and diving. The great power of nature is to be seen here - every day! 
North of the Bodø peninsula you can visit  Kjerringøy. If you want to walk straight into the scenery of Norwegian litterature, written by the well known author Knut Hamsun, this is the perfect place.
From downtown Bodø you can walk to Keiservarden, a national viewpoint from where you can see the magical coastline with it's more than 2000 small and bigger islands, as well as The Lofoten Islands. 

You find more information about Bodø  here.                             





In Beiarn you will find the beauty of Norwegian inland, stretching all the way from the fjord (Beiarfjorden) to Svartisen (The glacier) This is where wilderness is surrounding youm wherever you look. The river of the valley,  Beiarelva  is well known as one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. The number of caves is amazing.






If you travel in Norway by car, you are halfway north on E6 when you get to Fauske.
In Fauske you can enjoy the smalltown quietness as you walk along the fjord. You will see marble everywhere, signs of times when marble was an important income in this municipality.
East of Fauske the small mining town of SUlitjelma tells its own story from times when mining was big industry, up until 10 years ago. You can visit one of the mines safely. Tours are guided. 
Hunting, fishing and caving are accessable. "Svarthammerhola" is the largest cave hall in Europa, is situated only 5 minutes drive east of downtown Fauske.




Saltdal is the municipality of the great outdoors.
You can visit Nordland national Center, The Junkerdalsura Canyon, The Storjord Arboretum og walk cultural paths.
More information about Saltdal here.




Hamarøy er one of the most beautiful pearls of Nordland, stretching from weather beaten coastal landscape to the majestic mountains of the Swedish boarder. Hamarøy is the landscape of the poet!
One of the most popular authors of Norway, Knut Hamsun, grew up here and lived here parts of his life. His life story contributed to ...

  • Hamsunsenteret , and should not be missed!
  • Tranøy fyr  is a different experience for those who are seeking something different. This is how people lived and loved, close to the sea.




Gildeskål is where you find signs of the stone, iron and the Middle Ages. The municipality offers great opportunities for hiking in the mountains and caves. The peak Sandhornet and marvelous beach, Sandvika, are popular outing areas. In addition, one can reach the islands Fleinvær by express boat from both Bodo and Inndyr.

  • Kirkestedet is where the well known Norwegian poet, Elias Blix, grew up.






Sørfold is known as the national park municipality. From Rago national park you can reach three Swedish national parks. These four parks are the largest area of national parks i Europe.  These areas maintain the complete wilderness.
The cultural life of Sørfold is also blossoming. This municipality har fostered many young artists within a great variety of culture.




The glacier Svartisen is the second largest glacier in Norway. It is easily accessable. The highest point is 1594 meters above sealevel.




Steigen is known for its rich cultural life and stunning scenery. The outdoor theatre "Sagaspillet" is worth a visit. It is played outdoors every other year, in the end of July. ( See picture)  





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