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Business/ industry

In Bodø, you find about 3,700 different companies where about 26,000 people are employed. 60% in private businesses, and 40% in public businesses. The public businesses are related to education, health, defense, aerospace, and general official management.  Services and trade dominate, but the city also has several businesses in the industrial, building / construction, ICT and marine sector. You will find an overview of different companies in Bodo here


Photo: Tommy Andreassen
Due to the activities of a growing city, Bodø has a large number of companies that undertake projects of varying magnitude, and... Read More...
Burøya, where the local Rapp Group industri is located, photo: Tommy Andreassen
  The global market is of great importance to the industri of the Bodø region. Rapp Marine is an example of an industrial... Read More...
Photo: Fra Ramfloget, Bodøfilmen
Several new and innovative companies within graphic design, web development, Public Relations and communication are established... Read More...
Photo: Ernst Furuhatt, midnightsun and the famous island Landegode
In Bodø you will find a number of companies that are working to promote the city and the region, both for recreational and... Read More...
The Hospital of Nordland is situated in Bodø. They offer full range of specialized health care. You also find a great variety of... Read More...
Trade and commerce
Downtown Bodø is a lively and urban city that is well known for its built -in main street - Glasshuset - a shopping centre... Read More...
The musical festival called "Parken" in the local parc right in Bodø down town
In Bodø you will find a great variation of cultural activities. From amateur clubs to highly professional performances. You can... Read More...
The IT industry of the region of Bodø covers a wide range of ompanies representing a great specter of expertise. Either within... Read More...
Bodø is the main hub of the region. The municipality is housing major activity within fisheries and related industries. The... Read More...
The Aviation capitol of Norway
Bodø is the the main city of aviation in Norway. In private sector Widerøe is one of the city's largest employer. Civil... Read More...
The Royal Norwegian Defence
When it comes to defense, Bodo is one of the most important cities in Norway. Defence Headquarters (FOH), which manages all... Read More...

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