Bodø offers a variety of health and care services

Did you know that the health and care unit employs more than 300 nurses?

8. februar 2019


Health and Care unit

Bodø municipality offer a wide range of health and care services. These services are assigned based on an individual assessment, aimed at regaining earlier function, or as close to desired function as possible. Mastery of everyday life, facilitation and individual effort to reach set goals, is the end goal.

The services consist of interdisciplinary offerings from multiple professions. We employ more than 300 nurses, several of these have professional expertise.

The main areas are:

Nursing homes

Nursing homes are for those who need around the clock care and nursing, but don´t need hospital treatment.

Nursing homes give professional nursing, care and treatment for pasients who no longer can receive an equivalent service in their own homes. An individual will be given a long term stay at a nursing home when other, alternative services have been assessed and tried, and the individual in incapable of taking care of himself/herself, and can no longer cope with everyday life due to mental or physical loss of function.

There are 7 nursing homes in Bodø.

Home health services

Every person who lives or stays in the municipality have the right to necessary health care.

Services within the Home health service include home nursing, everyday rehabilitation, practical assistance, safety alarm and home food services.

  • Home nursing: Help with personal grooming and care for all types of needs, treatment, guidance and training. The aim is to maintain quality of life to enable people to live at home as long as possible.
  • Practical assistance: Cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping and other practical tasks.
  • Safety alarm: An alarm button to call for help in an emergency situation.
  • Home food services
  • Everyday rehabilitation


Rehabilitation and prevention are an integral part of the health and care services in the future. Efforts to strengthen the ability of the population to cope on their own, will increase quality of life.

Rehabilitation is given to help those with impaired functioning, an opportunity to contribute in society on their own terms.

Rehabilitation is time limited, planned processes with clear goals and means, where multiple areas of expertise cooperate to achieve the best possible mastery of function, independence and participation, both socially and in society as a whole. This definition emphasizes that habilitation and rehabilitation is a process in which the pasient is the focus.

Monitoring services

Monitoring services dealing with mental health and substance abuse, aim to help people with mental or substance abuse related issues. These services work closely with specialist health services, doctors and different organisations.

The service consists of an interdisciplinary group with broad expertise. Monitoring services offer home health services, and help related to housing and activities.