Fotograf: Erik Veigård

Fauske – peaceful but close to everything

Stretching from the Swedish border to the sea, Fauske offers a life as quiet or hectic as you want it to be

8. februar 2019


Fauske is the second largest council in the region with its 9.799 inhabitants. Bodø and the airport is 50 minutes away by car or train, and the railway and buses also connect the town to the rest of the region.

This part of the region is ideal for hiking in the mountains, with vast areas of untouched nature stretching all the way to the Swedish border. Mining used to be largest source of income, with the town of Sulitjelma in the heart of the mining industry. Today, Sulitjelma is best known as a ski resort, with miles of cross country skiing trails and an alpine hill.

If you’re thinking of moving with children, Fauske offers good schools and daycare.