Why live in the city when you can live in Steigen?

Steigen offers a high quality of life in spectacular surroundings. Here you get to experience outdoor adventures, have an active social life and live and breathe history and culture.

6. oktober 2019


Yes, summer is a thing here as well.

By living in Steigen, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference to a lot of people, either through work or in your spare time. We see every single person as important, and firmly believe that everyone is capable of contributing in creating a feeling of wellbeing and unforgettable moments.

Moving to Steigen is choosing a change in lifestyle. Living in rural Northern-Norway is having the best of two worlds. It’s spacious, and offers both time and energy for a rich social life and great experiences every day.

We want everybody with a dream of moving to Steigen to get the best information possible. We will help you finding work, finding a place to live, and give you information on how you can spend your spare time.