Right size and all inclusive. Nordland Hospital has it all

Why not come and work with us at Nordland Hospital in Northern Norway? A new and modern hospital with cheerful people on the go.

1. februar 2018


We are situated just north of the Arctic Circle in three locations, both rural and urban. We are situated just north of the Arctic Circle in three locations, both rural and urban.

We are building a new general hospital in Bodø, fitted with the latest technology. We have highly skilled employees, and we promote equal opportunities for men and women.

We like to think of ourselves as being just the right size. Our hospital is large enough to give varied and interesting clinical experience and yet small enough for us to get to know each other. Nordland Hospital is the second largest in Northern Norway. It’s a modern teaching hospital with 4.000 highly qualified staff and several hundred students, serving a population of 136.000 people.

The city of Bodø

This is the capital of Nordland County, is the location of the main General and Psychiatric hospitals and there are two local hospitals, in the Lofoten and Vesterålen districts.

We aim to meet and treat our patients within both general medicine and mental health, in a friendly atmosphere with staff from Norway and 40 other nations. Encouraging research is a major priority for us, and we have several PhD. candidates active at any one time. We participate in research projects at both national and international level, and our ranking for publications is relatively highly.

The hospital has its own library, which gives on-line access to a large number of international journals, and well-qualified library staff ably assist us.Patient safety and quality of service has been a target area for us for some time, and this has recently been acknowledged through a national award.

Teaching hospital

As a teaching hospital we welcome several hundred students a year, from various disciplines. We also offer good training opportunities and supervision to our staff. Medical students do the two final years at Nordland Hospital. Our local university offer further training for nurses. The hospital has special grants for this.

We can offer

  • A language course to enable you to speak and understand Norwegian
  • A language course for your partner
  • A place to live
  • Relocation funding

If you are a nurse and:

  • Someone who – maybe together with your partner – is seeking new challenges and wants more time with family and friends?  Then you will exchange long working days and commuting with a social life and activities in unique surroundings
  • Someone who is attracted to living in Northern Norway? Then you will enjoy living and working with informal people who take advantage of living near to nature
  • Someone who likes working in teams, together with other professionals? Then you will enjoy being with highly skilled and dedicated colleagues
  • Someone who already speaks good English and wants to learn Norwegian? Then you can start by doing our online free language training» Someone who likes new opportunities and is willing to contribute to our hospital? We will give you the opportunity to develop and train


Nordland Hospital has a long tradition of employing people from different countries around the world.  At the moment we have employees from about 40 nations working here. We understand that recruiting people from abroad requires something extra, as living and working in Northern Norway is different to working in central Europe. For this reason we prefer to spend a little more time and effort on foreign recruitment, to ensure that we have exchanged the correct and necessary information before you start to work for us.


Prior to a formal interview we would like to have read your complete CV and to have had an informal meeting. This could be at a recruitment fair or even via telecommunication like Skype. If we both agree to go on from there, we will invite you to a formal interview at our hospital. Here you will be able to meet colleagues and see your potential place of work. If you accept an offer of work, you will need to apply for Authorisation and Licence and complete various documents from our hospital. Our staff can provide you with help if you need it.

Language courses

There are several options for learning Norwegian.

Moving expenses and housing

The hospital will cover some of the cost of moving, including airfares and the transportation of furniture and goods. The hospital will also assist in finding you a suitable place to live.