Gøran Kristiensen

Plan to visit or maybe even move to Bodø?

You’ve got plenty to look forward to!

31. januar 2020


Apart from exciting career opportunities and a buzzing cultural scene, there are enough national parks in Bodø’s backyard to keep even the most zealous outdoor enthusiast busy for years on end. But in spite of all that, some do have a rough time of it in Northern Norway. The winter can feel very long at first and, if you’re from further south, it may take a while to get the hang of anchoring down your grill with tie-down straps. Or using chains when biking. But don’t despair! We’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of insider tips for things you’ll need to not only survive, but thrive like a Bodø native.

A seriously warm down jacket

This will make even the foulest January storm feel like a breeze. A colourful down jacket also makes it easier to fit in at local cafés – or mountain hikes for that matter.

Northern Lights app

The Northern Lights can offer a fantastic experience in the cold of winter and those of us who live in Bodø are fortunate enough to enjoy this experience often. You won’t miss a single opportunity to see the show with the Aurora Borealis Forecast & Alerts app – the name says it all. This is also where your new, warm down jacket comes in: it’ll keep you nice and warm until the show is over.

Stormen Library card

Stormen is the city’s pride and joy, an architectural tour de force and the perfect place to spend time when the snow is whirling round outside. The librarians who work here are walking encyclopedias and are always more than happy to help you find a book you can’t put down.

Snow and ice grips

Not only do they keep you on your feet when visiting local restaurants or going on a pub crawl, but extend the hiking season by at least four months. A good pair of ice grips under your shoes lets you enjoy such classic hikes as the trails to Keiservarden and Finnkonnakken almost all year round.

Travel Pass Nordland

Tired of trudging along with the crowd across Besseggen? In your new life as a Bodø resident, you can look forward to spontaneous weekend trips to such dream destinations as Lofoten, Steigen and Træna. These are right in your new backyard and can be reached by a short ferry ride or trip on a high-speed boat. The Travel Pass Nordland lets you travel as much as you want for an entire week and covers regional buses, city buses and high-speed boats throughout Nordland. It’s perfect if you’ve got visitors coming from the south and want to show them the best of Northern Norway.

The travel pass can be purchased here.

Season pass for Mørkved climbing centre

Climbing is popular and new climbing centres are popping up everywhere. But none of them come close to the new climbing centre at Mørkved. Many claim it’s the best in all of Norway. It offers both first-class bouldering and rope climbing. That’s good news for not only seasoned climbers but also beginning climbers. If you’ve never given it a try before, Mørkved is the perfect place to start.

Reflective gear

It’s a famous phenomenon, but hard to imagine until you’ve lived it. We’re referring here to the polar nights, which are nothing to sneeze it. To keep yourself, your dog and everyone you care about safe, we recommend using reflective gear. The best type is the kind that flashes, making you a real eye-catcher as you walk along icy roads in January – naturally wearing your ice grips and down jacket.