Want to live with wild nature right on your doorstep?

Saltdal also comes with a "no rush hour-guarantee." Just an hour by train from Bodø, Saltdal offers you a chance of living in quiet and beautiful surroundings.

7. september 2019


If you dream of living in Northern-Norway, but not necessarily live a city life – then Saltdal will be perfect for you. Bodø is relatively close (1 hr by train, 1 hr 15 mins by car), so it is even possible to commute. There are also buses to and from Bodø several times a day.

4.700 people live in Saltdal, and with just 2,3 inhabitants per square kilometer, there is planty of room for more. If clean, fresh air, spectacular nature, no rush hour traffic and plenty of leasure activity options is what you are after, you will struggle to find a better place to live.

You will find it a lot easier to find housing in Saltdal compared to the city, and the municipality offers good schools and kindergartens if you have young children.

If you are a nature person, you will love it here. If you aren´t a nature person, you will become one. Saltdal has to national parks perfect for hiking and fishing (Saltfjellet – Svartisen and Junkerdal). The river Saltdalselva runs through the valley, a river renowned for good fishing (salmon and trout).

Welcome to Saltdal!