The Steigen Model – an alternative way of doing vocational education

Young people between the ages of 16 to 24, are offered a unique way to complete an education in a variety of trades.

7. februar 2018


Not all of us are suited for years of university education or a job at a desk. In Steigen, young people are offered a different way into working life, through what is called «The Steigen Model».

This model of education provides for a complete vocational education in many different trades, in which the general curriculum for the educational/vocational program is followed at Knut Hamsun vgs . Common areas of study are addressed two days a week at school, and all on-the-job-training is given in approved places of work.

After four years of training, the candidate can achieve a certificate of apprenticeship, where the candidate is rewarded with a salary during the entire apprenticeship.