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Welcome to Beiarn

Located 103 km from Bodø, Beiarn is a municipality that offers a scenic, quiet and safe environment. If you like the outdoors - you'll think you've come to heaven.

22. februar 2018


Beiarn’s 1.040 inhabitants may not be many in numbers, but they sure have a lot of space. Beiarn is the 81st largest by area out of the 422 municipalities in Norway, a total of 1.224 km2 (302.450 acres).

Beiarn is part of the district of Salten and the Bodø region. The administrative centre is the village of Moldjord. Beiarn is located just north of the Arctic Circle, along the beautiful Beiarn river. The river is one of the best salmon- and trout rivers in Norway. It is also possible to fish Arctic char in the river.

National park

The National Park of Saltfjellet-Svartisen is partially located in Beiarn. The area offers many outdoor activities to visitors, including fishing, caving, and mountain walking and climbing.

The Beiarn fjord is approximately 15 km from Kjellingstraumen. Here you can fish sea trout, cod, saithe, mackerel, and other saltwater fish. You can fish all year round from the shore.

There is a daily bus connection to Bodø, 103 kilometres from Beiarn. Nearest airport is Bodø.

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Green energy

The main industry is agriculture, there is a few entrepreneurs and small scale food production based on local food. There are new opportunities in nature-based industries, with municipal initiatives and investments in the front.

The waterfalls give us hydropower that supply us with green energy and stable income.
The climate is traditional domestic, with warm summers and cold winters. Beiarn have an active cultural life with a wide range of different teams and associations.

Good work opportunities

The community services are good and competitive to any other municipalities.
Beiarn has 2 primary schools and 2 nursery schools. Home care is growing, and a new and modern care house was completed in December 2017. Beiarn has one nursing home with a 20 room capacity.

Opportunities for work are good in Beiarn. The municipality itself is the biggest employer (193 employees). Elderly care and health services is the biggest operating unit with approx. 100 employees. Health and care will need 25 health workers in the coming years.

If you move to Beiarn you will live in a beautiful, quiet and safe environment with lots of space and opportunities.

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